Course structure

Completion of the Degree Programme Table ("Piano degli Studi")

The Degree Programme Table (in Italian: "Piano degli Studi") provide information on programme structure and course choices.

The submitting of the on-line Degree Programme Table is mandatory and preparatory to subsequent activities and career actions (eg the student's electronic dossier, registration to the appeals, verbalization of the exams, and the students' opinion).


Indications on the submitting of the Degree Programme Tables [IT]


To receive support on the submitting of the Degree Programme Table you can send an email to the address, specifying the subject "Piano degli Studi" and in the text , your name and surname, the student I.D. and the problem encountered described in detail.

Completion deadlines

A.Y. 2020/2021: from 09/11/2020 until 11/12/2020 and from 08/03/2021 until 09/04/2021.

Degree courses activated in A.Y.

A.Y. of enrollment: 2021/2022

A.Y. of enrollment: 2020/2021

A.Y. of enrollment: 2019/2020

A.Y. of enrollment: 2018/2019

A.Y. of enrollment: 2017/2018