Tutor students

"The tutoring services collaborate with the support organizations to the right to study and with the student representatives, contributing to the overall needs of cultural education of the students and their complete participation in the university activities." (Article 13 of Law 341/1990)

The tutoring activity is also carried out with the participation of "capable and deserving students, enrolled in specialist degree courses, specialization schools for forensic professions, specialization schools for secondary school teachers and PhD courses of research "according to the provisions of the law and through the issuing of special calls (Article 1 of the Decree Law of 9 May 2003, No. 105 - "Disposizioni urgenti per le università e gli enti di ricerca", converted with amendments in Law 11 July 2003, No. 170).


List of Student Tutors

Please see "Elenco Tutor Studenti" here: https://saf.unipr.it/it/node/2171