Application procedure - a.y. 2019/2020

Enrolments to single-cycle Degree course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF) for the academic year 2019/2020

In the Call for Applications 2019/2020 [IT] is possible to find detailed information on enrollment in the first year of the degree course in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology.


Access to the single-cycle Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF) is planned locally.

For the a.y. 2019/2020 have been foreseen 126 students (of which 3 non-EU, including 1 Chinese student - Marco Polo Project), and the admission is subject to passing of the TOLC-F, provided by the Cisia Consortium.


The TOLC-F test  has the following structure:

Section Number of questions Time available
Maths 7 12 min
Physics 7 12 min
Chemistry 15 20 min
Biology 15 20 min
Logics 6 8 min




The students intending to enroll in this second-level single-cycle degree must have achieved a five-year High School Diploma or any other equivalent certificate achieved abroad as per the relevant law in force. It is required that students intending to enroll in this course have an adequate starting knowledge, usually provided by almost every high school path, involving a satisfying degree of familiarity with mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. The assessment of the knowledge required to access this Degree Course will be carried out according to the criteria set up yearly by the Degree Course Board. Those students unable to pass the test assessing their knowledge shall be given Additional Educational Obligations (OFA, from their Italian acronym, Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi), to be recovered during the first year of course, following those criteria set up by the Degree Course Board.


A.Y. 2019/2020

For a.y. 2019/2020, the basic knowledge required is described in the SYLLABUS available on the CISIA website. The level of this knowledge is verified in the entrance test (TOLC-F) to which the student can access by registering in the TOLC Reserved Area to practice for free.

Additional training obligation (OFA) are assigned to the student who did not achieve the following minimum scores in the TOLC-F test:


Maths 3 out of 7
Physics 3 out of 7
Chemistry 7 out of 15
Biology 7 out of 15


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