Graduation dissertation / Final examination

The graduation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology requires for the presentation and public discussion of a paper that presents original experimental results from research activities carried out on a subject related to the curriculum disciplines, under the guidance of a supervisor.


The final exam consists in the elaboration and discussion of an experimental thesis carried out in an original way by the student under the guidance of a professor belonging to the Food and Drug Department or to other Departments but with a teaching assignment in one of the study courses hinged in the Food and Drug Department that acts as a supervisor.


To begin activities related to the thesis the student must have acquired at least 180 credits. The final test is assigned 27 CFU (ECTS), equal to approximately 6 months of continuous experimental activity.


The experimental work connected to the thesis can be carried out, as well as in the Departments of supervisors, in other University Structures or in public or private companies, Italian or foreign, according to rules established by the Department Council in compliance with the University Regulations.

The experimental thesis work carried out in other universities or in external, public or private, Italian or foreign institutions necessarily requires authorization by the Committee of the Degree Course. For this kind of experimental activities it is mandatory to stipulate an agreement between the external institutions and UNIPR (if not already in place), and a specific training project. For these obligations the student must contact the Head of the Committee of the Degree Course and subsequently the OU Student Careers and Services.