Documents (for graduation)

The student must contact directly the supervisor and give him the "Entry Form in Thesis" duly completed and signed. At the end of the experimental thesis work, the student will have to make available to the Examining Board a copy of the thesis which will be summarized through an oral presentation (about 10 minutes) with the use of computer support.


The procedure for submitting the application for admission to take the degree exam is exclusively online (

Once the procedure has been completed, the graduating student must print the degree application that will be delivered to the Student Registry Office within one month of the graduation date, together with:

  • receipt of parchment payment and revenue stamps (MAV);
  • booklet (if the exams have been completed);
  • AlmaLaurea questionnaire or possible exclusion form;
  • form (A/44) of behavior to be held by candidates and their family members during graduation sessions;
  • permission for the presentation of the degree thesis (form A50-F).

The graduate must deliver:

  • 1 copy of the thesis necessarily front/back to the student secretariat
  • 1 copy of the thesis to the supervisor (and other copies for any correlators)
  • 1 copy of the thesis in electronic format on CD for the Library

(a copy remains in possession of the student)


The cover of the thesis must follow the attached model.