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The Single Cycle Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology primarily aims at providing students with an adequate technical-scientific preparation for a future career in the pharmaceutical industrial sector. The structure of the Degree Course follows directive EEC 85/432 regulating the pharmacist profession at a European level: for this reason, according to Ministerial Decree 270/04, the course lasts 5 years and includes a 6-month pharmacy traineeship to be performed in a community and/or hospital pharmacy. The course programme not only provides the essential knowledge for the pharmacist profession, but also the necessary advanced scientific competences for the pharmaceutical industry, especially concerning the research, development, formulation, production and control of pharmaceutical and medical preparations in accordance with pharmacopoeia regulations. The course also provides chemical-toxicological knowledge and skills regarding the safe handling of pharmaceuticals within hospital and industrial facilities. The set of notions acquired in the chemical, biologic, pharmacological and pharmaceutical fields allows students to deal with the whole multidisciplinary process, starting from the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic design and optimisation of new chemical entities to the formulation, production, control, registration and dispensing of new drugs within the national health system. The Single Cycle Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology provides graduates the necessary competences and learning skills for further studies (Second Level Master Programmes, Postgraduate Schools, PhDs) and the mastery of the essential cognitive tools for constant update, as established by current legislation for healthcare professionals.