The specific objectives of this Degree Course involve those professionals liable to be employed in researching within the chemical and pharmaceutical field, to pick a career as pharmacists, as well as in scientific reporting and as laboratory chemists.


The second-level Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology aims first and foremost to provide its graduates with adequate scientific knowledge and training in order for them to operate in the field of industrial pharmacy.


The path for this Degree Course involves, during the various years of its duration, basic training activities, specific features, as well as integration activities. Other activities, which can be freely chosen by the students, are also included, in order to complete the path. The fifth and last year of this course is preeminently dedicated to the production of the dissertation. The basic disciplines for this Degree Course provide knowledge in the field of mathematics, physics and chemistry, itself adequate for a scientific Degree Course, as well as basic notions of animal and plant biology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology and pathology useful in understanding the causes of human illness.


The subjects characterizing this Degree Course provide specific knowledge in the field of biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, as well as in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, including the formulation of pharmaceutical products. This is all the more important for the development of new molecules being biologically active, be they synthetic, biotechnological or natural in origin. Furthermore, the main issues connected with the administration, handling and quality control of pharmaceutical and health products, considering the laws in force will also be considered during this Degree Course. The specific path for the second-level Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology is completed with subjects concerning food, diet products, cosmetic products and diagnostic products involving also contributions for seminars by experts of relevant fields.


The second-level Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology is an upgrade of the pre-existing degree course, itself compliant with Directive 85/432/EEC regulating the profession of pharmacist and the EU level. Therefore, this Degree Course features a single cycle, lasting five years, as per the Italian Ministers’ Decree 270/04. Furthermore, this Degree Course includes six months of curricular traineeship (due to last 900 hours and worth 30 University Credits) to be performed during the fourth and the fifth year of this Course. Such a traineeship can also be subdivided into two fractions, lasting three months each, one to be performed mandatorily in Italy within a community pharmacy and the other to be performed in a hospital pharmacy or abroad.


The path for this Degree Course provides, besides the knowledge and skills needed to pick a career as a pharmacist, advanced knowledge in the field of industrial pharmacy, especially concerning research, development, formulation, production and control of pharmaceutical and health products, in full compliance with the relevant pharmacopoeias. By the same token, this Degree Course provides the chemical and toxicological skills and knowledge needed in order to safely handle pharmacological products both in hospitals and during production. The global knowledge the graduates of this Degree Course acquire in the fields of chemistry, biology and pharmacology allows them to effectively understand and affect the complex multidisciplinary process starting with pharmacologically optimizing new chemical entities, underlying the design, production, control, registration and administration of new medicines.


The second-level Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology provides their graduates with the competences and skills needed to tackle second-level Master’s Degrees, specialization paths and Ph.D. opportunities, as well as to keep updating their knowledge, as per the law in force for such professions and careers. The curriculum for this Degree Course includes those activities concerning class LM-13, including practical laboratory activities and pharmacy traineeships, taking the time needed for personal study or other individual education and training activities into account.