Application procedure


In order to enroll in this single-cycle second-level Degree Course, students must have achieved a five-year High School Diploma or any other equivalent certificate achieved abroad as per the relevant law in force.

Those students intending to enroll in this course must have an adequate starting knowledge, usually provided in high school, including principles of: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.


The basic knowledge required for each individual subject is described in the following SYLLABUS [IT]:

The assessment of the knowledge needed to access this Study Course shall follow the rules set up by the Degree Course Board. Those students unable to pass the test assessing their knowledge shall be given Additional Educational Obligations (OFA, from their Italian acronym, Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi), to be recovered during the first year of course, following those criteria set up by the Degree Course Board.



Access to single-cycle Degree course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology is planned locally in chronological order of enrollment with assessment of the final grade of secondary school.

For the a.y. 2021/2022 have been foreseen 133 students (of which 3 non-EU, including 1 Chinese student - Marco Polo Project).



Detailed information on enrollment in the first year of the degree course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology will be available on the Manifesto degli Studi 2021-2022 [IT] of the University of Parma (publication date: May / June 2021) and on this page (see "Courses with enrolment according to final grade + chronological order").




Below you can consult the enrollment methods defined for previous academic years: